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I am a Bangladeshi how can I get a job in Singapore

Getting a job in Singapore is very easy – although we find it difficult.  However, this possibility is real and can be helpful for any Bangladeshi to get a job here.  Let us have an insider discussion on this topic and know how a Bangladeshi can get a job in Singapore.


Understanding the Job Market in Singapore:

Our first step is to understand the job market in Singapore.  It’s not easy, so we’ll review the market overview right here.  There are various employment opportunities for Bangladeshis in Singapore such as ship construction, building construction, landscaping etc.


Work Visa and Legal Requirements:

You must have a passport and a visa to apply for a job.  Here we will discuss the visa process and legal requirements for Bangladeshi citizens.


Make a Strong Resume for Employers:

You need to create an attractive resume with a job description.  So that the employer can know about you properly.  They will usually prioritise your skills.


Networking Strategies:

Networking is important for getting a job, in this section we will discuss social media and events in more detail.  Collect information from someone you know who is in Singapore.


Language Skills: A Key Asset:

English skills and learning basic Mandarin.

Official languages ​​of Singapore English, Singaporean Mandarin, Malay, Tamil. An important factor in getting a job in Singapore.


Job Search Platforms:

So, we’ll discuss where to look and how to look properly.  First of all you will search on social media where you will find advertisements of various employers and contact them.  Also there are some verified official websites viz







Preparing for Interviews:

Be prepared for common interview questions and topics leading up to the interview because the employer may be interviewing you.  So you have to prepare in advance.  You will be asked questions according to your skills.


Negotiating Salary and Benefits:

The salary and benefits of the job in Singapore should be cleared beforehand.  Discuss this openly with your employer.  Be sure about how many hours of duty and how much you will be paid in advance.  Generally, Work Permit holder workers are paid 20 to 25 dollars basic salary.


Settling in Singapore:

Sometimes you have to find a home to live on your own.  Although 90% of companies provide accommodation.  So clear the matter in advance.  Health care is provided by the company.  In some cases the government helps.


Challenges and Solutions:

To get a job in Singapore you need to pass a special skill training.  Which you can do in different centers in Bangladesh.  Or you can come to Singapore.  It depends on what kind of job you come to Singapore for.  Even after coming to Singapore you have to undergo some special training.  Such as work site safety, health, Singapore law and order policy etc.


Success Stories:

More than 160,000 Bangladeshi nationals work in Singapore, with over 90 percent working in the construction and maritime industries.  So we can say Singapore is most popular in Asia to earn foreign currency.  From here people have been able to earn lakhs of rupees per month.



So, you don’t have to be blind to get a job in Singapore.  This is a possible path and you can be prepared to do it. You can get a good job in Singapore by presenting your talent and skills.  Hope you will benefit from reading the article.

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